Free SSL certificates powered by Let’s Encrypt™

Green Hosting™ now offers FREE SSL certificates provided by Let's Encrypt™.

All hosting accounts now come with automatically generated FREE SSL certificates provided by Let’s Encrypt™, a "free, automated, and open Certificate Authority" backed by many of the world's leading tech organisations.

Check your hosting service's uptime

Did you know we guarantee a 99.9% hosting service uptime?

You can easily check the status of the Green Hosting™ service at any time within the account area.

How is Green Hosting™ 'green'?

We often get asked how Green Hosting™ is actually eco friendly. Hopefully the below can help clear a few things up... Eco powered data centres The answer is really quite simple. Green Hosting™ uses Government accredited green powered data centres. We also use a 100% paperless billing system, and our office is 100% paperless too. We ask that ...